We Use Our Voice for Good

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We Use Our Voice for Good

Co-Created By
Carlos Cymerman & Parrish Walsh

Mission and Purpose

Create a community for like-minded girls who are passionate about creative writing. Through personal mentoring, girls will develop their skills, find their passion (voice), and have real-world writing experiences.

Middle School Girls Learn

Girl Writing on Couch
  • Collaboration & Interview Skills
  • Commitment & Discipline
  • Strength in Community
  • Enjoy being creative
  • Find their own unique voice
  • Create new friendships with like-minded girls
  • Use their talent for good
Through Personal + Purposeful Mentorship, they will create meaningful stories that will inspire the community and will inspire them to write a book and/or create a future they love!

Parents Want Your Daughter to Join Our Special Community?

Our Creative Writing Mentoring Program is for Passionate Middle School Girls
Led By Creative Director
Parrish Walsh

Email Parrish@WeUseOurVoiceforGood.com to find out more.

As a Girl Scout leader and a mom, I am excited for the opportunity to work with the girls. Beginning in high school, I volunteered as a mentor to girls. I went on to mentor 4th grade girls in college, to become a Big Sister, and to volunteer as a youth soccer coach. I truly enjoy supporting girls and helping them expand their possibilities. Part of life that is so fulfilling to me is designing, writing, and building something that touches others lives, that connects people. That understanding of connection and making my mark in life is what drives my passion for books and for designing jewelry. Bringing my passions together with this program is a dream come true!” – Parrish Walsh

We Use Our Voice for Good is Sponsored By Recruiting for Good
(There is no cost to join our purposeful program for creative girls)

“I see life as a blank slate…creative writing…empowers me to imagine, design and create fun fulfilling experiences that lead to building communities, inspiring future generations, and transforming lives.” – Carlos Cymerman, Recruiting for Good