guarantee fiction jewelryIt's important that you feel 100% about your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your jewelry, we are happy to help you. Some options include, instruction, repair, exchange, replacement, or refund. We want you to know that we are here at any time to discuss your jewelry and want to work with you so that you can happily wear your investment for many years. 


We use many different quality materials to give you a range of options. Different metals need different types of care. We recommend always storing your pieces in ziplock bags to reduce oxidation and prevent tangling. Chains should be stored with the chain separated by the ziplock closure. Below are important cleaning and handling recommendations for the various metals we use.

Gold-plated pendants should not be cleaned except with a plain soft cloth. Our 22kt gold plating is meant to last, but can be effected by skin products, natural oils, and soaps. Avoid wearing while bathing and try to avoid direct contact with skin products or fragrances to prolong life.

14kt Gold-filled chains and findings do not require as much cleaning. If you would like to clean it, we recommend a clean soft cloth or mild detergent. Polishing pads and cloths are not recommended as they may change the color of the metal. 

Sterling Silver chains and clasps can be cleaned with silver cleaning solutions or polishing pads or cloths. Care should be taken with delicate chains to not pull them out of shape while polishing. Highly recommend storing in ziplock bags to prevent oxidation.

Aluminum pendants and cuffs can also be cleaned with cloths or pads. All aluminum pieces are sealed with Renaissance wax to reduce oxidation, but should also be stored in ziplock bags.

Jeweler's Brass also known as NuGold is a warm brass alloy. It can also be cleaned with cloths, pads, or brass cleaner. All brass pieces are also sealed with Renaissance wax to reduce oxidation and preserve the material. Storing in ziplock bags is recommended.