Jewelry written for you

Parrish Walsh of Fiction JewelryYou fall in love with the characters, drink in their emotions, and revel in their world. Now you can celebrate your love of books and relive the magic. Love wearing what inspires you close to your heart. Express your style in a personal way.

My love of jewelry design was doused with fuel when I realized that I could create jewelry inspired by stories. When I fall into a book, I don't want to leave. I wanted to bring jewelry to this world inspired by those worlds. I jumped into designing and started connecting with authors. Jewelry is so personal and special and you can wear a little element of something you love. Bringing these words to you in a personal way, keeps the feelings and characters alive so that they are always with you.

I want to give you what you crave! Since you're here, drop me a line with the authors, books, or quotes you want to wear. I can't wait to make the jewelry that inspires you! Contact me now to share with me. I love to be inspired!

And I can't wait to make a piece just for you!